Apparel Programs & Company Stores

Please note that this feature is still under development, we expect it to launch by Fall / Winter 2022. 

What is a Company Store

This feature is being developed to handle apparel programs for larger organizations. In a general sense, it allows qualifying customers to create a store within our store where their employees can shop from a collection of products that you choose. You can set administrative permission levels for multiple employees over many locations. Add and remove member access from your store, assign annual spend allowances per employee, get reports on purchases by location and much more. Everything needed to administer a larger program will be included. Coupled with our ability to customize our stock products or create completely custom products for you, this platform will be a optimal solution for your uniform apparel program.

As an example, a large delivery company would have employees located throughout the country that wear uniforms. There may be different uniforms for different positions or perhaps by region. Our customers decide which products they want employees to wear, decide on logos and customizing options they want etc. Once all of this is compiled, we create a branded store that their employees can visit to purchase those products. 

We look forward to launching this feature and will update as we near completion. If you have pre-launch questions, please send us an email via the contact form located here

Uniform Programs