We offer two types of discounts; 'Program Specific Discounts' which are structured for larger program accounts and 'Published Volume Discounts' which are available to all customers on all orders.

Program Specific Discounts

Most larger customers qualify for a discount structure that we tailor based on their specific program. These discounts use overall purchase volume as opposed to 'order by order' quantity levels as the primary factor. Generally, we will assign a discount percentage that is applied to every order placed, regardless of quantity. Customers with program specific discount structures usually have at least 120 uniformed employees. To see what we can offer you, please send us an email with the approximate number of uniformed employees and locations. We will contact you to discuss your program. Contact us here

Published Volume Discounts

Our system automatically computes these volume discounts based on what you are ordering and applies them to the items that qualify, there is nothing you need to do. Below is a list showing the various quantity levels and the corresponding discount that is applied. When you order at least 24 pieces of any style number the discounts will begin to apply. Please note that discounts are computed based on quantity per 'style number'. It doesn't matter what the mix of colors or sizes are, only the total number of pieces ordered for any given style number is used to determine the quantity.

  • 24-120 pieces per style -  2% discount
  • 121-240 pieces per style  -  3% discount
  • 241-360 pieces per style  -  4% discount
  • 361 or more pieces per style  -  5% discount

Note: If you plan on placing an order for more than 1200 pieces per style, there may be additional discounts available depending on the quantity and style you are buying. Please email us with this information and we will respond promptly.  Contact us here 

Example of how discount appears in the cart