Elevate your Restaurant Uniforms with Fresh Styles from RLP

  • Effortless Uniform Ordering: Simplify your process with RLP’s one-stop shop for all your uniform needs 
  • We create your custom "Tailored Store" ordering platform
  • We deeply understand and cater to your business and employee needs
  • RLP uniform helps you project a professional image that reflects your commitment to exceptional service.
  • Free Samples ensure you get the exact quality and styles for your organization

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Example Custom "Tailored Store" for Restaurants

This is an example Tailored Store designed by RLP Uniform for the RLP Restaurant & Lounge - showing how easy uniform ordering will be!

  • All areas of your restaurant will have its own section of your Tailored Store.
  • Uniforms will be preset by management with the help from our uniform design professionals to enable simple ordering every time.
  • Logo placement and garment color will be preset to ensure no mistakes are ever made.
  • Simply enter the unique URL for each location and click on the desired garment, size and quanity.
  • Every order will be directed to the purchasing department for approval.
  • Once approved by purchasing, RLP Uniform representives will take care of everthing to ensure uniformatity at every location. 

RLP Restaurant & Lounge Example Tailored Store

Front Desk Uniforms for Men & Women

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